What is a Branded Career Portfolio?

A Branded Career Portfolio is a board or executive resumé, bio, and LinkedIn update. You will work closely with our partners to have these three pieces created. If you are a rising leader or an aspiring director, a Branded Career Portfolio is critical to CxO and board director applications.

How do I purchase a Branded Career Portfolio?

For existing members, to purchase a BCP, navigate to the Add On page while logged in to your account. Select Branded Career Portfolio and "Add to Cart" and then "Proceed to Payment" on the right side of your screen.

I purchased a Branded Career Portfolio, now what?

Once you purchase a Branded Career Portfolio, our team will be notified and you will get a confirmation within one to two days. If you have any questions you can reach out to your member success manager or [email protected] if you are a Self-Service member.

How long does it take to complete a BCP?

The Branded Career Portfolio (board or executive resumé, bio, and LinkedIn update) typically take 4-6 weeks to finish. These documents require time and collaboration to present your career history and unique brand.

Keeping your Branded Career Portfolio up to date

We encourage members to think of a Branded Career Portfolio as a "living document". You should revisit your documents, at least a few times a year, and update frequently. This assures that you honor your achievements, new roles and responsibilities, and evolving career goals. Additionally, you're likely to receive a wide range of feedback on your documents; you'll notice that everyone has their own style and approach. We encourage you to get comfortable with updating your Branded Career Portfolio and adding in additional bullets, changing the headline based on your goals and needs, and editing the content throughout the year.

If you find that you've completely shifted directions or have more extensive updates to make and would like one of our professional writers to assist, we suggest starting with a Consultation. You can add on a Consultation to your account here, and then discuss your desired edits with a writer of your choice.

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