Athena's board placements come from various backgrounds, but the majority have C-suite experience. We encourage you to read Tips for board seekers. The Board Support team advises that most companies are wanting proof of strong operational experience in senior management positions.

A strong CV is key in highlighting where your career path has led you. Athena's Brand Package provides you with one of our experienced executive writers who will update your CV, bio, and LinkedIn profile. You can learn more about Athena's Brand Package here.

Athena By the Numbers

To learn more about Athena's success rate in supporting board placements, as well as many other ways in which we offer value, see Athena by the Numbers on our public website. Specific to board seats, it is important to recognize that it can take 3+ years for even the most obvious candidates to land a role, and oftentimes the process a board goes through to find the right fit for an open role will take a few months, possibly even exceeding a year.

While Athena supports board roles directly, we also do a lot of work to help you make the key connections you need to navigate your way to a board. Landing a board seat takes a multi-pronged approach including both having access to open seats, and developing your high powered network to navigate to them.

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