Do I need to memorize my board elevator pitch?

You should be able to deliver your oral pitch and your stories effortlessly in a relaxed, conversational manner. You should have “muscle memory” to be confident and clear with your value proposition. The last thing you want is for it to sound memorized. It needs to be authentic—something you truly believe. Not salesy. Try not to think of it as selling yourself but just factually (and yes, with numbers) explaining what you bring to a position.

How long should my pitch be?

Have one that is a statement but maintain the ability to add color. It should not be canned, but it should be thoughtful—something with enough muscle memory to it that you don’t walk away saying “I should have said…”

Should I practice my board elevator pitch before meeting with an Athena voice coach?

Absolutely. You will have developed it prior to meeting with Athena’s voice coach, so the more prepared you are in delivery, the more you spend time fine tuning and not on the basics.

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