The opportunity match percentage is calculated based on how the criteria listed in the Opportunity details matches your experience listed in the Background & Experience section of your Member Profile.

One reason for the appearance of a miscalculation could be that there is incomplete or incorrect data in your Member Profile. You can update your Member Profile by clicking My Profile in the navigation bar at the top right of the page. Our opportunity do not scan your Public Profile, but rather use the drop down items in the Background & Experience section.

It could also be because your profile gives us a limited view of how you are a strong match. You may see things in the opportunity that you know make you a stronger match than we could know by the higher level information you have given us. This is a key reason we share all opportunities with you directly. We want you to tell us more, push for consideration, and advocate for yourself if you feel you are a strong match and meet the requirements. We assure you we are listening and will give you the consideration you deserve.

Can I still apply for an opportunity if I'm not a strong match percentage-wise?

Yes, please support your application in detail explaining why you feel that you're a strong fit and outline the areas where you align with what they're looking for.

If you would like to discuss your match to a role or need support in updating or completing your Member Profile, please contact [email protected].

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