What is a board registry?

A board registry in this context is an organization like Equilar, Nurole, Diligent, or the Boardlist. They have databases of professionals who have board experience or are seeking to join a board. They usually post open board roles to their members. Companies looking for board candidates often source from these databases.

Do I pay in order to be added to a registry?

No, neither Athena Alliance nor the members pay for the registries.

How does Athena assist with Board Registries?

Our Operations Team will add you to registries but it is up to the member to monitor their status once they have been added.

What board registries should I be using?

Your Athena membership gives you access to many registries and we encourage you to take advantage of this benefit. Athena can share your board documents with Equilar, Nurole, Diligent, and the Boardlist. These organizations all have registries we can recommend you into proactively. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to be included.

We are also an approved referrer for other organizations that reach out to us on a case by case basis, such as HimForHer, PwC, Deloitte, Women's Leadership Foundation/BoardBound, BDO, JP Morgan's Board Advisor Services and others – these organizations often turn to Athena for referrals and we recommend women who meet what they are looking for at the time. They work directly with our Board Support Team.

In addition, Concierge Service members receive warm introductions to Key Connections, allowing you to get closer to board opportunities through strategic networking with board influencers and decision makers.

How do I take the most advantage of Board Registries?

Get yourself registered on as many as possible and ensure that your CV and board documents are up to date and included with your profile.

Who can be added to a board registry?

Any member who has a board-ready Bio and CV. We no longer require that your board documents be created by Athena.

How do I get added to Registries partnered with Athena?

Reach out to [email protected] with your Board Bio attached.

Can you help me login to other companies' registries?

No, Athena has no control over logins from third-party partners. If you have questions about logging into a registry, you need to get in touch with that registry’s support.

Do I need both a bio and CV?

Having both documents is highly recommended. Provide the bio first to contacts and the CV after interest is expressed in you. Recruiters often like to see both. The CV shows the trajectory of your career, which helps people “get” who you are while bio is more of an overview.

Will my information be kept up-to-date in registries?

Athena will not revamp your registry registration data. Once we register you, you'll gain access to that registries website. It is up to you to keep your information updated.

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