How are board opportunities sourced?

Opportunities come from various sources. We get a lot of opportunities referred to us through our members and their networks and corporate partners like our investor partners and their portfolio companies. Also organizations with similar missions share opportunities with us like Nurole in the UK, Thirty Percent Coalition, and Board Bound in Denver. We also get some companies reaching out to us via LinkedIn and from Google searches. We work with boards both directly and indirectly - meaning, boards will come to us looking for our support directly, and other entities - recruiters, board associations, PE and VC firms - will want to post to our members through us, but not have us directly support the process.

We are working on partnerships all the time with VC firms, PC firms, various investor institutions, listing agencies (like NASDAQ), and we also do direct outreach. We have a sales team that works on direct outreach to CEOs and Boards in addition to the work we do to develop the partnerships mentioned. We also encourage our members to share opportunities.

Can I share opportunities with Athena members?

We welcome new postings for our website. If you'd like to share an open opportunity with our members, please navigate to our Opportunity Intake Form to submit an opportunity for self-posting.

If you would like Athena to actively source candidates for you for a particular role, please reach out to board support at [email protected] and our Board Support Manager will go over the Board Match program with you.

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