What information is shared with my sponsoring organization?

In an effort to support our members and sponsors, Athena may share information with your sponsoring organization about how you’ve utilized your Athena membership within the context of your engagement with the platform and services provided. This may include:

  • virtual salon attendance

  • learning library usage

  • coaching time used

  • number of opportunities applied to/presented for (will not share if there is any conflict with your current position)

  • number of key connections received

  • reviews that you’ve shared through the survey tool

  • your responsiveness to the Athena team

We will not share any personal information regarding your goals, objectives, challenges, issues, intentions, etc., unless you explicitly provide permission to do so and it is relevant to your member experience.

Any information shared would be done so in an effort to support our members in getting the most value of their experience, to ensure sponsoring organizations are realizing the value of their investments, and to improve our services.

If you have any questions or concerns about information that may be shared, please reach out to your Member Success Manager or to [email protected].

Can I purchase add-ons even though I am sponsored by my organization?

Depending on the details of your sponsorship, you may be able to add-on services or upgrade your membership plan. To discuss your options, please contact your Member Success Manager or [email protected].

How do I connect with other sponsored members in my organization?

You can use the Find and Connect tool to search for other members within your organization, and request introductions via the button on their profiles.

What happens with my Athena membership if I leave my sponsoring organization?

Based on the prearranged contract between Athena and your sponsoring organization, a number of actions may be taken:

1) Your membership may remain active until the sponsored year comes to an end. You would continue to receive access and support, just as an individual member rather than part of a cohort or sponsorship.

2) The remaining time in your membership may be transferred to another employee within the sponsored organization, effectively ending your sponsored membership at the time of your departure from that organization.

In either case, once your membership ends, you are welcome to continue your access to Athena by renewing your membership individually. Please write to us in the chat box in the lower righthand corner of your screen or contact [email protected] for further information.

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