How it Works

The Community page is a space for all members of the Athena community to engage in discussion, ask questions, share articles, and receive expertise from other members.

Tailor Your Feed

Your Feed is the central feature of the Community Page. At the top, you'll see space to craft a post, followed by the most recent posts from the topics you follow.

To view and follow topics, navigate to Topics on the left sidebar and see options including several "Ask an Expert" categories.

Post to the Feed

You have 3 options when crafting a post: Share Knowledge, Ask Question, or Discussion.

If you have an article, link, or idea you would like to share with the community, select Share Knowledge.

If you have a question you'd like to ask the Athena community, select Ask Question.

If you'd like to create a rich text post, select the Discussion feature.

Add Topics.

Topics act as "hashtags". You have the ability to add multiple topics to your post, if you feel they are related. All members can follow any topic and will receive email notifications about new posts related to topics they follow.


Groups are chat rooms set up for members of Athena that are either affiliated with a specific Community (such as Women of Cleantech and Sustainability) or a corporate-sponsored cohort (including Autodesk, Bank of America, etc.). Most Groups are private but an affiliation may opt to make its group accessible to any member with an interest in their common theme (as Women of Cleantech and Sustainability has done).


Can I post anonymously?

Yes! If you would rather keep your identity private when sharing a post to the community page, there is a "post anonymously" feature included.

How do I reach out to a member directly?

Please refer to this help desk article, under the section titled "Key Connections".

How do I receive post notifications from the Community page?

Navigate to the menu options and select "Community Notifications".

This will take you to the settings page and you can adjust your notifications to your preference.

How do I create a group?

If you are interested in starting a group, send an email to [email protected]. All groups will need a moderator and at least three group members to be created. We encourage groups to stay as engaged as possible -- if there is no activity within a group for a month, an email will be sent to all members. If two months pass with no activity, the group will be removed from the platform.

What is the difference between recent posts and recent activity?

Recent posts is referring to the most recent thing posted on the Community Page. Recent activity could mean the most recent thing someone liked or commented on.

What are the “Ask an Expert” topics?

Ask Nancy: Your Board Questions Answered

Nancy is here to answer your board-related questions. Post your questions to the Topic area "Ask Nancy".

Ask Sheila: Perspectives of a CEO

Sheila is here to answer questions and share her perspective on subjects regarding the C-Suite. Post your questions to the Topic area "Ask Sheila".

Ask Tama: Perspectives on Women & Wealth

Tama is here to answer your questions related to wealth management. Post your questions to the Topic area "Ask Tama".

Ask Dr. Mia: Perspectives of a CHRO

Mia is here to answer questions and share her perspective on subjects regarding the role of the CHRO. Post your questions to the Topic area "Ask Mia".

Ask Liz: Vocational Freedom & Your Third Act

Liz is here to answer questions and share her perspective on subjects regarding the third act of your life—when you have the time, treasure, and talent to spend your time however you choose. Post your questions to the Topic area "Ask Liz".

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