From the Member Directory, you can find other Athena members and click to see their profile. There, you'll see a button to “Request to Connect”. Once connected, you will be able to see each other's contact details such as email, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter account.

You may request a connection to another member for any reason, such as mentoring from a senior leader, for a peer-to peer exchange, to hear the voice of the customer, or for just in time advice such as help preparing for an interview or navigating a specific challenge. We call these "key connections".

We recommend you include a short and personalized message when connecting with another member, indicating your interest in connecting with them. PLEASE NOTE: Your message is limited to 255 characters.

Once you're connected, you'll be able to email and send a longer message then. See examples below:

Example Message #1:

Example Message #2:

Once you submit your request, you will see a confirmation on the screen and an email will be sent to the receiving member for them to accept. You cannot cancel or modify a request once it’s sent. If you're a Concierge member, your MSM will be cc'd on the request.

Here is the email the receiving member will get:

Your request will show as pending on their profile until they accept:

If a Request to Connect is accepted by a receiving member, each member will receive a confirmation email displaying both members’ email addresses to start a conversation. Additionally, the Contact Details on both member profiles will now be unlocked.

If you aren't hearing back to your request or have questions about connecting to other members, feel free to reach out to us via the yellow chat icon in the bottom right of your screen. Our member success team is here to help.

Ignoring a Request

We encourage members to network, but all members have the option not to connect or share their contact details. Members' contact details will show as locked until a request to connect is made and accepted. If you receive a request but, for any reason, do not wish to connect and/or share your contact details, do not take any action. After 3 weeks, if there is no response to a request, the request will be closed. If a request is not accepted, you can make another request after the initial request has been closed.

Once a request is made and/or members are connected, a request cannot be cancelled or disconnected from the portal. Reach out to [email protected] to help facilitate.

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