Welcome to Athena! Please read on for a few tips on getting started.

Get to know your dashboard. Think of your dashboard as your "home base" here at Athena. It anchors you to all that is new at Athena and gives you quick access to upcoming events, the newest on-demand Salons, your personal coaching appointments and more. At the top of your dashboard, you can view your engagements in Athena including the number of connections you've made with other members, the number of events you've attended, and the number of opportunities you've applied to.

Complete your profile. Locate your profile by clicking on the button underneath your image at the top right of your dashboard. It's critical that your profile is as complete as possible. It's how we personalize your experience, discover you for opportunities, and how members find you for networking.

RSVP for a Salon. Live Salons are held 2-3 times a week bringing you the most current business lessons on topics ranging from boardroom governance to building your brand, investing, strategic leadership, and more. Joining these conversations live is one of the best ways for you to get to know other members in a casual setting while gaining valuable insights. You can RSVP directly from your dashboard, or navigate to our full calendar. We encourage you to subscribe to our events calendar, which takes just a few clicks from the Salons section on your dashboard.

Discover Salons on-demand. Each Salon is developed first live, and then available on-demand so you can explore at your convenience. Access the Discover page via your dashboard or the top navigation bar under Salons - there, you can explore Salons by category, speaker, or curated collection, watch Salons on-demand, view recommended Salons based on your goals, save your favorite content, RSVP to upcoming Salons, and more.

Discover other members. Under Community at the top of your screen, select Find and Connect. Here you can see a comprehensive directory of all Athena members and search for key connections by name, title, or company, and even by criteria like business size, scaling experience, languages, or executive, board, and committee experience. "Request to Connect" with other members for networking, mentoring, industry advice, and more.

Schedule coaching. Get expert advice from any of our world-renowned coaches. Our coaches' expertise ranges from strategic boardroom guidance to honing your personal brand, developing your thought leadership to navigating career transitions, and more. Schedule with your choice of coach directly from our Coaching page.

Whitelist Athena email to ensure you receive important communications. You can learn more about whitelisting here.

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