Your Athena profile plays a critical role in connecting you to opportunities, content, and the Athena community. Athena members search for each other based on keywords, industry, role, and more. Completing your profile ensures you can be discovered by other members. But it also ensures that Athena can discover you for career opportunities like board seats, exclusive events, networking opportunities with other members, and so much more.

Every field you fill in on your profile will increase the Profile Completion percentage on your Dashboard. We understand you may not be able to fill out every profile field, and consider a profile completion percentage of 80% or above to be very good.

Your profile helps us understand what you’re all about. The Background and Experience section of your profile is the area that is most important when it comes to mapping you to opportunities, to each other, and to targeted learning content - the information entered here factors into your opportunity match percentages based on how the opportunities have been tagged, is used in the search filters in the member directory, and informs the 'Recommended For You' section of our Library.

Updating Your Profile

It is important to keep you profile information up-to-date because it's what we use to customize and enhance your experience. If your organization, title, or skills change, please update all relevant information immediately. We recommend auditing your profile at least every 3 months to ensure we are continually connecting you with the right resources and opportunities.

Formatting Issues

If you’re experiencing formatting issues with your profile Summary and/or Bio, this is likely due to copying and pasting information from documents with formatting that isn’t compatible with your Athena profile. For example, if you copy the information from a resume with bullet points and paste it into your profile, this will cause formatting issues. The same thing often happens if you copy from a webpage and then paste into a Word doc - the formatting looks off.

To resolve this, first copy/paste as plain text into a Word doc to remove any html/formatting, and then copy again and paste into your profile.

Member Profile Visibility

All member profiles require logged in access to in order to view. Your profile is not visible to external search engines, and will only appear to other Athena members and staff within the site’s Find & Connect Directory.

Athena staff members will be able to see all the information and attachments you've included in your profile. However, other Athena members will only be able to see your Name, Profile Photo, and the information you provide in the Public Profile section of your member profile. Your "Contact Details" are listed under the public section, but will only be visible to other members that you've connected with. Members cannot view your attached documents or anything that you include in the section labeled Background and Experience.

To see the information that is visible to other Athena members, navigate to your personal profile from the icon in the top right corner, click on 'Edit Profile', then "Public Profile".

Running into an issue?

If you are having trouble updating your profile, please contact us via the chat box in the lower right hand corner of your screen or reach out to [email protected].

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